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The Illinois Shotokan Karate Clubs was established in 1978 and serves over 70 park districts for students, ages four years to adult, in park district and community center programs throughout Metropolitan Chicago. Illinois Shotokan prides itself on having well trained instructors that focus on the physical and mental development of you or your child through karate. The instructors’ patient guidance helps students feel good about themselves, as well as reap the rewards from the sport itself. Inherent in karate are benefits that translate into the classroom and other areas of life. By its nature, it promotes self discipline, confidence, coordination, fitness and a sense of satisfaction and well being.

Illinois Shotokan offers a variety of classes for all ages including:

  • Pre-Karate/Safety (4-7 years): Pre Karate Classes will help your young children develop coordination, strength and personal safety skills in a well-supervised setting. This program will give your child the lead she/he needs in developing memory and agility skills necessary to be successful in school and other sports.
  • Youth-Karate/Safety (8-14 years): Our Youth Classes often helps release tensions brought on by school and peers. The confidence gained through karate helps foster a strong positive self-image. The mental aspect of this program is both enjoyable and beneficial. Karate can improve your child’s sports, school, social activities as well as their overall fitness.
  • Adult-Karate/Safety (15 years & older): This program offers a variety of benefits for the student. For the teenage student, karate is great to improve physical fitness, meet new people and to build self-confidence. For the businessperson, the program is ideal for releasing tension and developing cardiovascular fitness. The self-defense skills learned through karate are invaluable if ever confronted with a dangerous situation that may involve you or a loved one. The class is a must for the single parent wishing to protect themselves and family.
  • Parent/Child-Karate/Safety (Children 7 years and up): This program is an excellent opportunity to share quality time with your child while developing muscle tone, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and karate skills. Regardless of age, weight or current physical condition, karate can put your family on the right track to physical well-being. This class is open to parents and their children.
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