PRE (4-7 Years) Through a variety of fun and creative activities, young children will develop coordination, strength and personal safety skills in a well supervised setting. YOUTH (8-14 Years) Karate skills put children in touch with their bodies and helps build coordination, agility, strength and poise as well as personal safety skills all in a well supervised setting.


ADULT (15 Years & Older) This program offers a variety of benefits for the student. Karate movements develop poise and agility while improving overall muscle tone. For the business person, the program is ideal for releasing tension and developing cardiovascular fitness.


CHILDREN (7 Years & Older) This program is an excellent opportunity to share quality time with your child while developing muscle tone, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and karate skills. Regardless of age, weight or current physical condition, karate can put your family on the right track to physical well-being.


“Who would have thought signing up our preschool age boys in a park district program could have changed our lives in such a positive way.  At 18 they are outstanding athletes and USA team members, excellent students, outgoing, courteous and kind. The old saying is it takes a village to raise a child my thought is it takes karate and a karate club like ISKC.”


- Sheri Krol

Know yourself first, and then others.

“Shoto’s Precepts #4″


The Benefits of Shotokan Karate

The benefits of karate go far beyond competition, they reach into every aspect of our lives. By its nature, karate promotes:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Coordination
  • Fitness
  • A Sense of Satisfaction and Well-Being

See how ISKC is different from other clubs and keeps giving back




John DiPasquale, he began taking karate lessons at a small dojo in Des Plaines with Loren Rodgers at the age of 13. As DiPasquale grew, so did his passion for karate. He realized he wanted karate to be more than just a hobby; he wanted to make into a career.

In 1978, DiPasquale created his own karate dojo. Since then, the club has expanded to serve more than 75 park districts throughout the Chicagoland area. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome at ISKC.

ISKC is proud to offer our karate program, one that is a proven leader in its field. You can feel confident that you and/or your child will be getting the best the sport has to offer.



Student Name: Eliza Salvado
Belt Rank: High Purple
Years in Karate: 4 Years
Trainings Per Week: 2 Times

About Eliza:  Eliza Salvado has been in karate for almost 4 years. She began at the age of 8 in Sensei Patel’s class with a strong aspiration to learn and a passion to excel in this sport. Since then, Eliza has competed in many local tournaments and has won numerous medals and trophies. She is looking forward to competing at the U.S. Open for the first time this April.

Furthermore, she has encouraged her younger sister Emma to join karate, who is now a yellow belt. Eliza is now 11 years old with a high purple belt who trains twice a week with Sensei Patel and Sensei Mertel.

“Eliza is the student that every teacher dreams of teaching”, says Sensei Patel. “She is an extremely diligent worker, and has a no-nonsense approach to her training. Her focus in class is incredible. She has huge potential, and I am excited to see where she takes her karate career.”

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